Monday, July 02, 2007


I arrived back in Britain on an uncomforatble Ryanair plane on a very cloudy Friday morning. It seems strange to be back after 6 months of being away.
As I returned to see how my home town of Camberley has changed, I found that it had changed very little. The same shops still remain empty and disused as they were two years ago. The Litten Tree pub, which want bust after about 2 years still remains shut with the same half full wine glasses left on the tables.

There have been many essential changes. We have a new prime minister, Gordon Brown. Smoking is now officially banned in all public places. No Smoking signs are now in place in every single shop.
The first two weeks back in the UK have been really depressing with endless amuounts of rain, mass flooding and an increase in the threat of terror. Settling back into my native land will be a challenge in itself.


dusoft said...

If you were arriving in Bratislava after two years spent elsewhere, you would encounter endless new buildings, roads etc.

Lot of development projects going on as you certainly now. That's sometime also pretty depressing though (some of the "new" buildings are really ugly).

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